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Lafco Absolute Limited Edition

A beautifully designed handblown glass vessel crafted to enhance the burning experience that can be reused as a part of your home décor.

15.5oz, 90 hour burn time. Soy Wax, Essential Oil Based Fragrances, 100% Cotton Wick, A Touch of Paraffin Wax (just enough to enhance the fragrance delivery)

Forest Oakmoss:  Oakmoss Absolute fragrance has this distinctive mossy intensity at its core, sweetened with a drizzle of cognac. Violet leaf blossoms, warm amber and incense envelop, creating a majestic, verdant scent experience.

Rose de Mai: Rose de Mai Absolute fragrance has the full intensity of a voluptuous bouquet of roses intertwined with delicate hints of honey nectar and spicy geranium. An infusion of blooming Turkish rose adds further richness, with violet and warm woods adding a sophisticated touch.

Balsam Black Pepper: Sparkling and refreshing, the Fir Balsam Absolute fragrance is a pure forest of evergreens with notes of crisp eucalyptus, herbaceous rosemary and purple lavender. Cedarwood and amber envelop the scent with a touch of warmth.

Orange Blossom: The scent journey of  Orange Blossom Absolute fragrance unfolds with sparkling tangerine and tangy cassis. Rich and seductive, the powerful aroma of orange blossoms reveals an intense sweetness and delightful freshness, wrapped with warm musk and blond woods

Clary Sage: The potent aroma of the Clary Sage Absolute fragrance blends herbaceous sage with chamomile and red currant. Earthy galbanum and cyclamen are enlivened with a touch of spice, while notes of cedarwood, orris and a touch of oud add a warm intensity.

Lavender Flower:  Lavender Absolute fragrance balances this potent herbal lavender with the freshness of mint leaves and bright citrus. An infusion of aromatic rosemary and violet petals are enhanced by a sweet touch of vanilla.