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Those Nuts! (Multiple Sizes)


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Kitchen28, LLC uses only the highest-quality, all-natural ingredients. Their pecans come from a century-old, Louisiana family-owned business that shells, cleans, and distributes pecans from its orchards -- the company’s pecans have earned the highest quality rating from the National Pecan Shelling Association. They use pure vegetable oil, pure cane sugar, and kosher salt. Those Nuts!® are gluten free. They have 0% trans fats, 0% cholesterol, and no preservatives. 

A notable, and noticeable, difference between Those Nuts!® and similar products is the freshness. To ensure that the product is the freshest possible for the consumer, Kitchen 28 does not keep any inventory of the product, or the raw ingredients. When they recieve an order, they head to pick up the raw pecans where they've been stored in the perfect environment to ensure freshness.