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METAIRIE, Louisiana — With a combination of products and services that will make gift- givers across the New Orleans area happy, Phina and The Basketry are now one. While both feature physical storefronts and online gifting options—Phina has two locations in Metairie and one in New Orleans, while The Basketry has one location in Luling—The Basketry’s large corporate customer base across the United States is a market that Phina is anxious to tap into.

“The Basketry does an amazing job with corporate and personal gift boxes and that’s one of the main reasons we are excited about the purchase,” Phina co-owner Jenny McGuinness said. “Since we opened Phina six years ago we have been impressed with The Basketry and admired what Kristi Brocato has achieved with both her storefront and her gifting services over almost three decades.”

Kristi opened The Basketry in 1995 and has served thousands of families, businesses and communities around the country — a result bigger than ever imagined. Now, after 28 years, she is ready to pass on her legacy. “I am so happy that business owners who reflect my passion for community, collaboration, and gifting are taking over,” Kristi said. “It was important to me that I leave it in the hands of people who believe in the same mission and will continue cultivating the business.”

Phina will retain all of The Basketry staff, as well as the storefront in Luling, which has become a fixture in the community with loyal customers and many of the same brands that are featured at Phina. “We are honored that Kristi thought of us to continue The Basketry after she retires,” Phina co-owner Jessica Woodward said. “We are so excited to be able to offer the gift box service to our Phina customers for both personal and corporate gifts. We hope to continue to grow both businesses and allow them to complement each other.”

A week-long champagne celebration will take place at The Basketry from May 8-12 as one journey ends and another begins.